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About HQ

HQ is the office stationery brand from the house of Navneet Education Limited. It is for someone who appreciates well-designed and crafted products.

HQ offers products that are world class, easy to comprehend and are well crafted and timeless. The materials used to produce these products are handpicked and are of excellent quality.


The philosophy of HQ, is based on the idea of design thinking where every process and action taken contributes to the creation of a truly world class product. We want the users to have an unparalleled writing experience. The elegance, panache and quality create a solid impression of the user among peers.

What should you expect from us

Writing with pen and paper has been trending for a long time now. For many it is an integral part of their lives especially for millennials and Gen Z. It is a known fact that when we write our experiences, ideas on paper, we become mindful of these thoughts and we develop an evolved sense of being. HQ journals enrich this journey by offering a better writing experience. They give you your own space to express and preserve your ideas and moments.
HQ helps you to carve out your own niche.

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